Enjoy the ultimate Web3 Wallet with ChatGPT4

Get the latest NYC Wallet for Android or iOS.

What you can do with NYC Wallet

Besides receiving, sending and storing cryptocurrencies, you can do a lot more...

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ChatGPT is the revolutionary new chatting app that combines the power of artificial intelligence with the convenience of messaging.

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AI Images

Our Al-art generator is trained using millions of images from the web, allowing you to create unique and captivating artwork in seconds.

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Use your mobile camera to connect with desktop dApps in an instant. .

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Get notified of all transactions you are sending or receiving.

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Private, No KYC Required

No KYC and no personal data collected. Never be locked out of your account by someone else. Like it should be. .

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Transactions control

Choose your fees when sending. Easily Bump, Cancel or Batch transactions.

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NYC Wallet gives you an intuitive and secure built-in Web3 Browser, so that you can connect and experience the new decentralized web and all your favourite ‘Dapps’.